Oh the people you will meet..

9 Dec

Oh, the people you will meet..

Sometimes people irritate me. And I know they irritate you too. You will have that one friend that is running around with those boys and just don’t know how to stop. You will have that one friend that you want to slap the shit out of them just for taking one of your fries.

And you will always have that one friend, no matter how far away you are from them, you will still be there for them just like marriage does – through thick and thin.

The point is, God destined you to meet these people..no matter how annoying or irritating or slutty they are..Friends are friends..you can be with them..and you can leave them..Just like in marriage.



9 Dec

Hi guys, My name is NeutralRoads. I’m really not going to say my real name because I don’t know if they are any crazy people on here who would like to talk about their lives.

But, on this blog..I am going to tell you what I experienced in life. And the option of erasing all my mistakes with a magical eraser. All my mistakes that I didn’t want to experience in the first place. You can laugh, or have a “What The Hell?” momen but, all I can say is put on your reading glasses and get ready to read. Because I am ready..Ready to go HAM.


P.S: By the way..I’m a teenager..A lot of teenagers have drama….

Hello world!

9 Dec

Does anyone enjoy Red Velvet Cake? No? Yes? Maybe? Eh? Never tried it?

Well, if you don’t like it..Taste it again..

If you like it..I like you..

If you think it’s sorta good, sorta nasty.. Then, I despise you.

If you think it’s “Eh?”..Then “Eh” to you too!

If you never tried it…Take it from me..It’s really good!


Enjoy! 😀